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Brake Replacements in Magnolia, TX

Brakes are the most used part of your automobile. As a result, the brakes and the brake pads are prone to wear and tear. Eventually, every car, truck, SUV, or diesel truck will need complete brake replacements. It’s also why we perform daily brake replacements. Our team is very good at them and gets you on the road quickly. We work on ABS and anti-lock brakes, and make sure brake fluid levels are correct. If you suspect it’s time for a brake replacement, it isn’t wise to wait. Rotors are easily damaged by worn brakes, so delaying can cost you more money. Our team offers the regular tune-ups that catch problems before they grow out of control.

brake repair

How to Know When Brake Repair is Needed

DK Auto & Diesel Service recommends that you take advantage of our yearly tune-up and performance services. These comprehensive services help us find problems before they get worse. As for your brakes, the guidelines on when to service them vary, but a good rule of thumb is every 25,000 to 45,000 miles for smaller vehicles and every 20,000 to 30,000 for larger vehicles (like diesel trucks.) Brake problems are relatively easy for motorists to diagnose, even if they aren’t car experts. Numerous signs exist, including

  • Your automobile drifts from side-to-side while driving
  • They make squealing and grinding noises when you brake
  • The brake light is turned on
  • The brakes make noises even when not engaged
  • You have to press harder than usual to come to a complete stop
  • Your steering wheel rumbles or vibrates while you drive
  • A burning smell emits when the brakes are engaged

Schedule an Appointment for Brake Replacement Today

It isn’t wise to ignore the warning signs of wear-and-tear. Serious accidents occur when you aren’t able to brake quickly. Don’t jeopardize your safety by waiting. Instead, bring your car into DK Auto & Diesel Service, and we’ll get you situated. Remember, you’ll need brake replacements eventually. Promptly addressing the problem avoids further damage to your rotors. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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