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Our Team Handles Diesel Truck Repairs in Magnolia, TX

Diesel trucks owners need a reliable mechanic. Unfortunately, most car repair shops don’t service diesel engines. That’s where DK Auto & Diesel Service comes in. Our team understands how to fix common problems that plague diesel trucks and get you back on the road again. We’ve performed diesel truck repairs in Magnolia, TX, for over 25 years. Diesel engines require extra care and attention, and DK Auto & Diesel Service delivers exceptional repair services. Our team utilizes high-quality replacement parts, computer diagnostics, fuel system testing, oil changes and lubes, and welding services to provide superior support.

mechanic working on diesel engine

Common Problems Associated with Diesel Trucks

Just as with cars, trucks, and SUVs powered by gasoline or electric energy, diesel trucks require servicing. However, some common problems found in diesel engines are unique to them. Our team is situated to repair these issues and get you back on the road again:

Oil Oxidizing

If your truck sits for extended periods, it is at risk for oil oxidizing, which occurs when air gets into the oil in your truck. This creates bubbles that cause interference, hindering proper lubrication. These issues can cause more significant problems if left unresolved.

Starting Difficulties

Low compression and faulty fuel delivery systems are usually contributing factors to starting problems in diesel trucks. If you’ve had trouble starting your engine lately, don’t hesitate to bring it into DK Auto & Diesel Service.

Black Exhaust

While diesel trucks are meant to produce increased smoke, there is a line. For one thing, excessive exhaust can make its way into the cab and make it difficult to breathe. Additionally, you can be fined for producing too much smoke.

Humidity Damage

Water is harmful to your diesel engine. Humid weather or excessive rains both pose risks to your engine due to the oxidizing effect water has on the additives in your engine. As with oil oxidizing, this causes major damage if not fixed immediately.

Low Power

Diesel engines are supposed to generate increased power. It’s why you buy them! When you notice decreased power output from your truck, bring it into our shop. We have over 25 years of experience restoring diesel engines.

Contaminated Fuel

As you probably know, diesel fuel is easily contaminated. Glycol, dilution, soot, and water all create disastrous consequences for diesel engine owners.

We Offer a Breadth of Auto Repair Services

DK Auto & Diesel Service is uniquely suited to provide diesel engine repair to our customers. In addition to diesel services, our team is skilled at working on cars, SUVs, and trucks of all kinds. To learn more about our services, call us today.

Honest and Thorough Auto Repair Services