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DK Auto & Diesel Service Performs Transmission Repairs

A broken transmission is a serious problem that requires specialized experience to repair or rebuild. DK Auto & Diesel Service offers transmission repairs to Magnolia, TX motorists who are stranded or without transportation due to this problem. Our team understands them and has over 25 years of experience delivering superior services to our customers. We believe in thoroughly investigating your vehicle’s issues before committing to transmission repairs. Our team not only visually inspects the engine and transmission but also uses diagnostic equipment that zeroes in on the problem and allows for accurate quotes and perfect service.

transmission repair

We Use Every Tool At Our Disposal to Fix Your Vehicle

At DK Auto & Diesel Services, our team uses every resource available to us to fix your vehicle. Transmission repairs might be serious affairs, but that doesn’t mean they have to be complicated. We perform the following transmission-related tasks:


Given how expensive transmission repairs and rebuilds can be, it is critical to ensure it is at fault for recent issues. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to determine what course of action is needed before proceeding.


Transmission flushes are essential to the continuing functioning of your automobile. During a flush, we remove all the fluid before running new oil through the transmission to push out the grime. After that, we add new oil and sometimes a cleaning solution.


If repairing the transmission isn’t an option, our team is capable of completely rebuilding it. Before we proceed, our team ensures we have your permission. Once we’ve finished, your vehicle will run as intended again.


Sometimes, all that’s needed are repairs. When that’s the case, our team works carefully and diligently to ensure the problem is addressed. We won’t return your vehicle to you until it is.

Contact DK Auto & Diesel Service Today

DK Auto & Diesel Service is proud of our track record for providing expert transmission services to our customers. We’re committed to superior customer service, so if your car is dead on the side of the road, we’ll send a tow truck out to you. Call today for more information.

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